Soil Assistant

$400 per sensor

$29/month per sensor

Have exact readings of your field's soil at your finger tips. Your fields will stay in peak shape with Soil Assistant.

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Base Subscription




Your base subscription covers all components of Turf Tasker other than the Soil Sensor and Asset Tracking.

Turf Tracker

$150 per sensor

$9/month per sensor

Track any piece of equipment with Turf Tracker. Contact us to start tracking your organization's equipment!

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  • $0 Onboarding Fees

  • Unlimited History and Data Aggregation Forever

  • All Functionality for Everyone


can't wait to help you onboard all your Org's data and operations into Turf Tasker.

will gladly give you all the help you need at no extra charge.

never limit your data and history.

don't believe in complex pricing plans.

offer one plan that includes all functionality except hardware (i.e. sensors & trackers).

Work with us!

We can make anything your facility needs. Contact us for custom functionality requests!